Classification: Falerno Del Massico d.o.p.
Grape varietal: PRIMITIVO 100% (Falerno or Massico biotype) Historic vineyards on an ungrafted vine
Production area: Falciano Del Massico: località Casone, Campantuono
Vineyard age: Casone: 105/110 y.o. Campantuono: 60/70 y.o.
Vines per hectare: 5800 – 6000 / ha
Training system: 1.40×1.40
1.80x 0.70
Former sapling supported by rope. since 1970
Low espalier trained on the Guyot system.
Soil type: Foothills. Silt, coarse sand and 40% fine sand with important pyroclastic sub-layer with residues of clays and coarse stones.
Altitude: between 200m and 300m s.l.
Processing: Manual. No chemical weeding. Treatments: Integrated fight. Fertilizer: green manure and manure.
Harvest period: End of August / beginning of September. Manual grape harvest, in 18 kg boxes, with careful selection of the bunches.
Yield per hectare / Result per hectare: 30 / 35 tons Ha / wine: 55%
Vinification: Manual sorting of the grapes. Next soft crusher-destemmer. Fermentation in steel at controlled temperature for 15 days.
Maturazion: Steel and 500 liter tonneaux
Bottling: After 24 months. Unfiltered
Aging: Approximately 5 / 7 months in the bottle
Annual production: About 3.350 750 ml. 50 Magnum bottles



Color: very intense ruby red
Aroma: ripe red fruits, spices
Gusto: full, persistent
Service temperature: 16/17 C°


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